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Technological advancements have made the world too small and in turn created a virtual world, which is available on your Smartphones.People desire fast action from anywhere and technology has made them to be fully dependent on electronic data.Business community prefers to have complete information on their finger tips.

FileReflex, yet another flag ship product from Karya, allows smartphone users to access their desktop files from anywhere, anytime.

FileReflex works with SmartPhones to provide data connectivity through firewall giving full access to all your desktop files.With FileReflex, smartphones become an extension of desktop. All you have to do is select the files to be shared from PC, add them to the server metabase and access them from your Smartphone or Pocket PC. 

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Data Security is the primary concern for all users. FileReflex comes with Multi Factor Authentication that authenticates users to securely access files from their mobile device.

Factors that are considered to enforce the process of Multi factor authenticationare:

  1. Username and password credentials of the user.
  2. Device pin number of the user to acknowledge the mobile client.
  3. Media Access Control address (MAC address) of the desktop client, ensures that the shared desktop belongs to the Mobile user.

FileReflex uses HTTPS protocol for trasnfering information between desktop client and mobile. This process ensures the user's privacy and security.

FileReflex desktop client currently supports Windowsand Mac. FileReflex smartphone client currently supports iPhone 3.0 and all versions of Blackberry. FileReflex supports various file formats such as DOC, XLSX, XLS, TXT, PDF, HTML, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, MP4, MP3, .MOV, .WAV